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3 Things You Need To Know About The Muscle Flexion Support System

If you are experiencing mobility issues due to health issues that are centered in your legs, you need to work to retain or regain your ability to walk and stand. One of the many tools that one can use to support their leg health when suffering from mobility issues is a muscle flexion support system (FSS). A muscle flexion support system is an individual mobility support system.

Thing #1: A Muscle Flexion Support System Allows You to Use Your Upper Body Strength

 A muscle flexion support system helps increase your mobility when you have mobility issues. One of the primary ways that an FSS does this is by allowing you to use your upper body strength to position your legs. The system is set-up allows you to get the mobility you need using the muscles in your body that are the strongest. Using your upper body to position your legs can help you get more mobility.

Thing #2: A Muscle Flexion Support System Helps with Specific Conditions

Although a muscle flexion support system can be used by anyone who has leg strength muscles that prevent them from having the mobility they need, it is specifically used by people who have multiple sclerosis and by stroke victims. Both multiple sclerosis and stroke patients can experience nerve damage, specifically in their legs. An FSS can help people suffering from these two conditions regain their mobility.

Thing #3: A Muscle Flexion Support System Helps People with Hip Flexor Issues

If you are experiencing issues with your ability to move due to weak hip flexor muscles, an FSS device can help with your mobility. The flexion support system was specifically designed to assist individuals who have weak hip flexor muscles that impact your ability to walk.

A Muscle Flexion Support System Comes in Two Variations

There are two different types of muscle flexion support systems.

The basic system, or regular option, is designed for individuals whose primary mobility issues are related to their hip flexor muscles. The basic system is designed for those who need help with their upper leg muscles.

The second flexion support system is a resistance option. The resistance system has an extra component that attaches to your toe and allows you to move your feet and lower legs. Resistance systems are specifically designed for individuals who have foot drop issues.

If you are experiencing mobility issues due to hip flexor issues, stroke, or multiple sclerosis, you should talk to your doctor or physical therapist about the possibility of using a muscle flexion support system to help you move around and regain some of your mobility.