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2 Things You Should Do To Get The Most Out Of Your First Hearing Aid Fitting Appointment

If you visit your doctor for having trouble with your hearing, they may have confirmed that you have some hearing loss. Because of the results of a hearing test, the doctor may have decided you will need hearing aids.

To get your hearing aids, you will want to make an appointment so that an audiologist can confirm the findings with a test, fit you for the appliances, and make any necessary adjustments to the fit and sound. During this first appointment, there are a couple of things you can do to get the most out of it.

1. Give the Audiologist as Much Feedback as Possible During the Hearing Test, Fitting, and Adjustments

One thing that you should do during your initial visit is give the audiologist as much honest feedback as possible. Because hearing aids can be fitted, made, and adjusted during the same appointment, they will ask you questions during the hearing test and fitting. Meanwhile, they will be making adjustments to the sound.

For example, while being fitted, they will insert a foam mold to make an imprint of your ear canal. While the mold is in your ear, you can let them know if there is any discomfort. That way, adjustments can be made to ensure that the hearing aids will be comfortable. You can also let them know how everything sounds while the audiologist is adjusting the levels. That way, they can be sure the hearing aids are not so low you cannot hear anything or so loud that sounds hurt your ears.

2. Ask as Many Questions as Possible about the Care and Operation of Your New Hearing Aids

Another thing you can do while you have time with the audiologist is ask as many questions as possible about the care and operation of your new hearing aids. For example, you can ask them how to clean them daily or what to do when earwax becomes stuck.

You can also ask to be shown how to make adjustments to the sound levels so that you can change them when needed. Along with knowing how to operate the hearing aids, you can request information about troubleshooting and what you should do if you have a problem with them.

During your first appointment, it is best to be prepared to give as much feedback as possible to the audiologist. This will ensure that the hearing aids fit comfortably and provide you with a clear sound. It is best to ask as many questions as possible about not only their care and operation but also about what to do if you have any issues. For more information or to make your initial appointment, contact a business like Hearing Aids Plus, USA  for custom hearing aid fitting services. Then you can speak with someone who can assist you.