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3 Things To Look For In A Buy-At-Home Water Break Detection Test

You can't always immediately know if your water breaks. Sometimes, pregnant women have urine leaks that they think are amniotic fluid. They'll waste time going to the hospital only to be sent home again. However, sometimes, women assume that an amniotic fluid leak is actually urine. They might not get the problem checked. Or, if they do, the leak might be so tiny that the hospital misinterprets it. In either case, a leak or break could put babies at risk. You can use at-home water break detection tests in case this kind of thing happens. These tests basically tell you if your leak might be amniotic fluid or if it is simply a bit of urine. Before you buy a test, look for the following features.

1. Easy-To-Use Testing

The last thing you want if you think your water broke or is leaking is to have to follow a complicated testing procedure. Look for a test with an easy-to-use swab that absorbs even a small amount of fluid. Testing strips and devices should also be easy to use. You shouldn't have to spend more than a minute or so taking a test.

2. Medical-Grade Sensitivity

The difference between a urine and an amniotic fluid leak is important. It could affect the health of your baby. So, any test you use should use the same kind of technology that doctors and hospitals use to run these tests. Look for high sensitivity rates and a proven track record of differentiating between urine and amniotic fluid. A test that doesn't work consistently, especially on small leaks, won't give you accurate results or peace of mind.

3. Fast And Easy-To-Read Results

If you think you might have an amniotic fluid leak or that your water broke, then you'll be anxious. You won't want to wait a long time for your results. You want to be able to understand your results immediately and easily without having to spend time reading long instructions or comparing complex color charts. You can buy at-home water break detection test kits that deliver results in seconds. Some take a few minutes. Think about how long you would want to wait in this scenario before you choose which test to use. Some tests give simple positive or negative results rather than a scale. These are easy to read and understand. They quickly tell you if your leak is amniotic fluid or not.

To find out more, ask your doctor to recommend tests to use or talk to buy-at-home water break detection test suppliers.