Your Doctor's Secret Weapon: Good Equipment

Why Your Hospital Might Want To Upgrade Or Switch To An OEC C-Arms System

An OEC C-Arm system can be used to take a digital image of someone's body either before or during a surgery or operation. If your hospital has not upgraded its C-Arms in some time or is still operating without access to one, reaching out to a vendor who can help you buy an OEC C-Arms system is a good idea that will benefit your hospital and your patients. Here's how upgrading your current C-Arm or installing one for the first time can help.

Upgrade to 4K Resolution 

If your existing C-Arm digital imaging system was purchased quite a few years ago, you might not be giving your doctors and nurses the best possible view. Today's modern medical digital imaging systems are capable of outputting x-rays and other images in 4K or higher resolution. Your medical professional will be able to quickly and easily see what the problem is without having to squint or re-take the image. This can lead to faster surgeries and more confident doctors and surgeons.

Additional Mobility Can Keep Your Patients Safer and Allow You to See the Complete Picture

If the current digital imaging system you use during surgery is not especially mobile, you may find yourself having to wheel the system around on a cart, or even slightly re-position the patient in order to get the best angle for the image that you need. A modern C-Arm system can pivot and adapt to almost any angle and can do so quickly. You'll be able to move the digital imaging system to the exact spot you need and then quickly move it away. A C-Arm can be placed overhead the operating or surgery table and you won't have to keep it on a cart or take up valuable space on the ground around the patient. You'll also be able to get the image you need quickly without moving the patient even one inch, creating a safer environment in the operating room.

Modern C-Arms and Other Digital Imaging Solutions Are Safer to Use

It's common knowledge that an x-ray will cause a small amount of radiation. It's why you give your patients protective gear before they walk into an x-ray machine. If you need to take a detailed medical image of a patient during surgery, you might not be able to put this protective gear in place in the way you normally would. But that is no longer a concern with modern C-arm digital imaging systems, as these devices are now designed to limit the radiation dose as much as possible, and even have special modes that might eliminate the chance of a dose altogether if you don't need an especially detailed image to get the job done.

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