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Making Your Home More Wheelchair Accessible With Folding Ramps

If you have a condition that limits your mobility, a wheelchair can be an essential tool. Unfortunately, there are many areas of your home that may not be designed for use with a wheelchair. In these situations, a possible solution may be to use a folding wheelchair ramp as this can offer some unique benefits when compared to other solutions.

Avoid The Need For Major Changes To The Home

Many wheelchair ramps and lift systems can require fairly major changes to a home. In addition to potentially changing the appearance of the home, this could also increase the costs associated with making the home more wheelchair accessible. However, accessibility is possible without major additional renovation costs as these ramps can be deployed over steps so that a wheelchair can navigate them without needing to make permanent changes to the house.

Easily Store The Folding Wheelchair Ramps

There will be times when the wheelchair ramp is not needed. If you want to avoid the impacts that these ramps have on the appearance of the home, it is possible to move the wheelchair ramp into storage until it is needed again. These ramps can be folded so that they are much smaller in size. When storing the ramp, it should be kept in an area that will protect it from being exposed to large amounts of moisture as this may rust its hinges. If this corrosion was to develop, the ramp may be much more difficult to fold. Keeping the folding ramp protected from dust can also limit the risk of it becoming jammed the next time that you need to deploy it. Covering the folding ramp with a cotton cloth can keep dust from getting into the moving parts.

Among The Most Affordable Ramp Solutions

Individuals can assume that making their homes more suitable for wheelchairs will always require a significant investment. Yet, folding wheelchair ramps are among the most affordable options that you can use to make your home easier for a wheelchair to navigate. While these ramps may be more affordable than permanent systems, they will still be extremely durable. In fact, they may be able to last for many years before they suffer enough wear to need to be replaced. Typically, warping is one of the major sources of damage to these systems, and choosing a ramp that is fairly thick can keep it strong enough to support the weight of the wheelchair that will be regularly passing over it. For more information bout folding wheelchair ramps, contact a supplier.