Your Doctor's Secret Weapon: Good Equipment

Helpful Tips For Buying Supplies For Your CPAP Machine

If you have a CPAP machine to help with your sleep apnea or another similar condition, then you might have had to purchase supplies for your machine in the past. If you're new to CPAP machine use and ownership, however, or if you had a bad experience last time that you purchased CPAP supplies, then you might be looking for some advice. These tips can help.

Buy High-Quality Supplies

You can find really cheap CPAP supplies if you look for them, and there is certainly nothing wrong with looking for a deal. However, be aware that spending a little bit of extra money to purchase higher-quality CPAP supplies is often worth it. For example, if you spend a little more money on a nice CPAP mask, you can help ensure that the mask fits properly and that it is as comfortable as possible. If you spend a little more on nice heated tubing, you can help ensure that your CPAP machine works properly, and you can ensure that your tubing lasts longer, too. As you own your CPAP machine for a while and try a few different supplies, you can get a better idea of what works well and what doesn't.

Consider Purchasing a Few Extras

It's not a bad idea to have a couple of extra masks, some extra tubing, and a few extras of all of your other CPAP machine supplies. After all, you might rely on your CPAP machine so that you can sleep comfortably and safely, so you don't want to realize at the last minute that you don't have more tubing when you need it. Some medical supply companies even offer a discount when you buy more supplies at once.

Find Out if They're Covered By Your Health Insurance

If you have health insurance, it's smart to make use of it when you can so that you don't pay for things out of pocket when it isn't necessary. There is a good chance that your health insurance company might pay for your CPAP machine, particularly if it was recommended by your doctor. Additionally, your health insurance company might pay for some or all of your CPAP supplies, so this is definitely something that you should look into. Be aware that this is not always the case, though, and even if your health insurance company does pay for your supplies, you might not be able to pick the specific supplies that you want.

Reach out to a professional who provides CPAP supplies to see what's available.