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4 Factors To Consider When Purchasing Surgical Lights

When it comes to your surgery space, you need to make sure you have the best possible lights. The right lights can really make all the difference in your ability to correctly perform surgery. It is important to have the right lights if you want to have the best results.

Factor #1: Control Radiating Heat

When it comes to choosing the lights that you use in your surgical room, you need to consider radiating heat. When you have a body open, you need to be careful about the level of heat that the tissue is exposed to. Excessive heat can dry out a patient's tissues, which can have an impact on the patient's ability to recover. Excessive heat can also cause discomfort for you as a surgeon as well. The heat from lights can also impact the airflow in the room, which can have an impact on the ability to keep the airflow bacteria-free.

When it comes to your surgical environment, you should go for LED surgical lights. LED surgical lights are great because they don't produce radiant heat, which will create a better environment for surgery.

Factor #2: Eliminate Shadows

Second, you need to make sure you reduce shadows as well as glare as much as possible. When you are performing surgery, you need to reduce the shadows that are cast by the surgeon's body as well as by the surrounding medical team.

This can be achieved by using multiple light sources. With multiple light sources that are cross-focused, you will be able to eliminate shadows.

Factor #3: Reduce Glare

You also don't want to have too much glare in your surgery room. Glare, over time in a surgery situation, can make your eyes feel tired and can also cause one's vision to get blurry. Glare can be controlled by controlling the angle of the lights. You can help reduce glare by making sure you have enough lights and by making sure you know the right angles.

Factor #4: Light Field Diameter

Finally, you want to purchase lights that will allow you to adjust the light field diameter. You want to control the light field by purchasing lights with the right diameter for your surgical room. The light diameter can range from D10 to D50.

When it comes to purchasing the right lights for your surgical room, you need to consider the heat the light transmits. You need to make sure you are able to eliminate shadows and reduce glare with your light setup. You also need to consider the light field diameter of the lights you choose as well. LED lights are often the best lights for your surgical field.

For more information, contact a surgical lights supplier.