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Cash For Test Strips: Understanding The Process

There are many ways you can earn money from unused and safe medical supplies that you have around your home. You may have obtained these originally from your own preparedness purchases, or you may have them leftover from an ill family member. Some of these supplies can be valuable, including unused and sealed medical test strips. If you are considering selling your unused medical test strips through a medical supplier, here are a few key points to understanding the selling process.

Prescription Labels

You may be tempted to remove the prescription labels from the box. Many companies ask that you do not do this. The main reason for this is that removing the prescription labels means that you may damage the box. Companies buying medical test strips do not generally take boxes that are damaged in any way. If you do want to cover private information that is on the prescription label, cover that information with black marks or follow the directions on the website for the company you choose.

Shipping the Strips

Shipping the test strips will vary greatly depending on the company you use. Some companies will have you fill out a form online detailing the strips you have and how many of them you have. They will then send you a postage-paid envelope to send the strips. At that point, you simply place your strips into the envelope, bag, or box according to the company directions. Some companies will have you print out a form and then ship the strips on your own. Either way, strips will need to be sent with a tracking number and any forms the company has for you to identify the strips. 

Receipt of the Strips

When the company receives your testing strips, the strips will go under a quality check. This check will help determine if you get a partial amount or full amount available for the strips. The quality check stage can last several hours to several days. Once the strips are accepted, you will receive your compensation either through a bank transfer or with a check. Keep in mind, any strips that are not accepted may be destroyed by the company per their agreement. Make sure to read the terms of service and agreement regarding rejected test strips before completing the shipping step. 

Keep in mind that any business you decide to sell to will have their own requirements. For example, the strips will need to be sealed in their original packaging. You also need to make sure that the strips are the correct type that the company is looking to buy. You can usually check this on their website. If you have any questions, make sure to ask prior to attempting to ship and sell the test strips. This will cut down on the loss of money and confusion later.

For more information about selling medical test strips for cash, contact a local company.